Solarsun Solutions - Turning Sunlight into Power

Why use Solar Power

The amount of sun falling on the earth contains far more energy than we can ever use - 10 000 times more than what is currently consumed by the entire human race.  That means our planet's renewable energy potential is effectively limitless.

In South Africa alone, we enjoy between 1700 - 1900 KWh/m2/year.

Currently 80% of the energy used in the industrialized world comes from fossil fuel such as coal, natural gas and oil. And demand is increasing.  Environmental problems associated with the burning of fossil fuel and  long-term supply of oil and gas in particular, makes the move towards global renewable energy both desirable and necessary.

The use of renewable energy will reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions and help avoid a possible environmental catastrophe. 

Solar Power is the obvious solution for a sustainable and cleaner future, the one natural resource that will never run out .