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Imagine a future where your entire home or business is run on solar power? The future is now, at Solarsun Solutions.

We are passionate about renewable energy – converting the power of the sun into electricity – especially Solar Photovoltaic (or what we like to call PV) power systems. This passion has driven us to supply only the best service and products available on the market today.

We treat every PV (Photovoltaic) installation as if it was our own. We have a full scale SMA and Solarworld system installed at our own premises – the same world class products we recommend for you.

Contact us for a demonstration or follow this link to see our contribution to the environment.

We’ve been around a long time and are highly qualified and experienced in designing the right Solar PV system for the right application (either grid-tied and off-grid) and professional installation. Through our extensive product knowledge, we’ll empower you to make the right decision for your PV system.

Solarsun Solutions (Pty) Ltd is proud authorized distributors for the world’s technological leaders in the industry, Solarworld and SMA of Germany.


There are approximately 2 billion people in the world today that still have no access to electricity. Most of them live in rural areas and require relatively small amounts of electricity, too small to justify the expense of extending the public grid.

Small to medium decentralized off-grid systems are in reality the only practical way to supply many of these people with power.

We’re working to be a key player in the transition of South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa towards Solar Photovoltaic Power Systems, thus helping to reduce this number. Through hard work, quality products, exceptional service, transparency and honesty this vision will soon be a reality.


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Solarsun Solutions pride ourselves on our professional services and offerings.

Here are some of them:

  • Personalized quotations for solar photovoltaic (PV) Grid-tied and Off-grid systems
  • Consulting and Design
  • Professional Installations
  • Maintenance Programs


Those who choose a PV plant are relying on long-term yields.

This not only requires a durable solar inverter with maximum efficiency levels, but also a reliable, flexible and competent service partner to provide advice and consultation services.